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We would like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in enrolling your children at Almanar weekend school. Our school accepts students in JK through Grade 12. Simply follow the following steps and give your kid the support they deserve!

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How to Apply

Please fill out our registration form and choose the amount of subjects you would like to enroll your child in:

You may choose our full day program offering Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies or you may choose one or two subjects only per your preference.


Full Day Fees

Registration fees for Full day –  $100/ Year

Term 1 (Sep 24, 2022 – Jan, 2023) – Full day  $325

Term 2 (  Feb 2023  – June 2023) – Full day $325


Sibling discount 

1st child - $325 /Term

2nd Child - $300 /Term

3rd Child - $275/Term

4th Child - $275/Term


Senior program is a full day program with no option of selecting individual subjects. Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies are integrated together in this program.

School Calendar 

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