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Job Listings

School Mission and Job objectives

At Almanar Weekend School, it is our mission to make the word of Allah swt and sunnah accessible to our community by providing quality education to our children so they may develop the love of learning and love of Islamic education. We are looking for team members who will not just teach for the sake of teaching and earning an income, but individuals who are truly passionate about the Deen and are genuinely concerned about our future generations and their mental and spiritual well being in this fast paced ever changing world full of challenges and confusion. Individuals who are willing to go above and beyond, think outside of the box and know that their ultimate reward for all their efforts is with Allah swt because they are creating a chain of sadaqa-e-jariah for themselves by moulding young minds and hearts. 
At Almanar, we believe that education occurs when teachers and students combine their wills while engaged upon a particular subject. For this combination to be successful, the teacher must first develop an expertise in the given subjects so as to serve as an authority. While teachers are not responsible for the individual will of each student, each teacher is responsible for creating a program and an environment favorable to learning and personal growth; for encouraging students to develop the requisite skills, attitudes, and knowledge; for providing students with experiences which integrate the time-tested modes of learning; for establishing effective rapport with students and their parents. Teachers must be willing to commit to the school’s mission, academic program, and student outcomes as outlined by the school administrator. 

Quran Teacher (JK - Grade 8)

Waterloo, ON, Canada

Islamic Studies Teacher (JK - Grade 8)

Waterloo, ON, Canada

Arabic Language Elementary Teacher

Waterloo, ON, Canada

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